GENOX attends Pollutec 2023 in France

On the memorable date of October 10th, the grand and prestigious POLLUTEC gracefully commenced its esteemed gathering at the magnificent Lyon Convention and Exhibition Center, situated amidst the ethereal landscapes of France. This distinguished event focuses on the noble pursuit of water treatment, waste management, pollution control, renewable energy, as well as environmental consulting and management services. With utmost pride and zeal, a multitude of approximately 2,000 enterprises hailing from 130 countries and regions have come together to showcase their remarkable prowess and innovations at this illustrious confluence of visionary minds. Truly, POLLUTEC stands as a testament to the indomitable and collective commitment towards safeguarding our precious planet.

This exposition endures for a span of four days. GENOX exhibited it’s industry’s art at booth H3-B181. The showcased assortment encompassed the V600 single-axis shredder, the V1500 single-axis shredder, the cutting-edge GC800T granulator, and an array of other exquisite models, predominantly tailored for various materials including but not limited to plastic and rubber. Meritoriously, the V series single-axis shredder has managed to captivate the rapt attention of the exhibition patrons, proffering paramount efficiency in its shredding capacities, rendering an expanse of substantial shear forces that guarantee heightened outputs. Notably, this spectacular equipment’s anomalous autonomous control box is equipped with a Siemens PLC to ensure the seamless execution and efficiently harmonized operation during the process, which played a major role in alluring a multitude of inquisitive exhibition enthusiasts to pay a visit to the GENOX booth.