GENOX visited Suez Environment Group in France

In 2021, GENOX meticulously crafted a cutting-edge recycling sorting system aimed at handling e-waste plastics. This revolutionary system boasts an impressive production capacity of 4 tons per hour, truly showcasing the company's dedication to sustainability. By partnering with Suez Environment, GENOX has adeptly solved their long-standing and prominent issue of mixed plastics, allowing for the obtainment of high-quality ABS, PS, PE, and other precious plastics. With this breakthrough, GENOX has effectively laid the foundation for the subsequent stages of the recycling process, empowering the transformation of electronic miscellany into separate remarkable high-value resources.

At the onset of October, the technical team of GENOX embarked on a journey to mesmerizing France in order to pay a visit to the Suez Environment Group. The purpose of their voyage was to meticulously examine the operational status and scheduled after-sales maintenance program of Genox's cutting-edge e-waste plastic recycling sorting system. With great honor, GENOX and its team were warmly received by the technical director of Suez Group, who extended a heartfelt welcome. France holds a pivotal position for GENOX in terms of its overseas business ventures, and this fact has always been cherished. Without a doubt, GENOX firmly believes that this profound visit to Suez will not only fortify its trust in providing exceptional service, but also ignite a radiant vision for numerous forthcoming projects pertaining to the imperative arena of solid waste treatment on international soil.