GENOX was invited to the fifth China-Finland High-tech Field Matchmaking

On the auspicious date of October 17, 2023, the fifth China-Finland high-tech matchmaking Conference unfolded with resounding success, through a harmonious fusion of online and offline platforms. Illuminating the captivating opening ceremony were esteemed guests such as Mr. Zhang Guangjun, the erudite Vice Minister of Science and Technology of China, the distinguished Ms. Petri Peltonen, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland (Acting Permanent Secretary), and the esteemed Ms. Leena-Kaisa Mikkola, the adorned Ambassador of Finland to China. Additionally, the masterful orchestration of the inaugural event was graciously presided over by Mr. Dai Gang, the esteemed Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, ensuring a eloquent and fruitful exchange of ideas and possibilities.

During the session of docking and exchange, over 40 representatives from Chinese and Finnish enterprises, universities, and research institutes engaged in profound exchanges and shared valuable insights in areas of mutual interest while exploring opportunities for collaboration. GENOX had the honor to represent Chinese enterprises in attending the high-tech field matching meeting, with an emphasis on the theme of sustainable development and low-carbon emissions recycling. In this remarkable forum, GENOX artfully conveyed their unparalleled research and development prowess in the realm of solid waste recycling, unveiling a tapestry of global project triumphs and the freshest results from their groundbreaking innovations. The indomitable international influence of GENOX in the domain of solid waste recycling and resource recovery was splendidly showcased, leaving an indelible mark in the DNA of the industry.

Wen Liang, the visionary general manager of GENOX, captivated the audience as he unveiled his impassioned discourse on the theme of "Recycling and recycling economy: Forging a Path towards a Sustainable Future." With eloquence that resonated deep within the hearts of all present, he expounded upon GENOX's resolute commitment to eco-consciousness and recounted the remarkable trajectory of the company's evolution in the realm of low-carbon environmental preservation. In a dazzling display of groundbreaking research and developmental ingenuity, he illuminated the audience's minds with GENOX's cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the realm of solid waste resource disposal equipment and innovative system solutions. Enthralling and inspiring, Wen Liang's speech stood as a testament to the vast reservoirs of experience and innovative prowess harbored within Chinese enterprises, unveiling the potential for a brighter and greener future.