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Publication date: 2018-06-19 ISSUE: 001

Genox Paper and Cardboard Shredding System

Paper and cardboard waste shredding recycling system whole

Genox Recycling Tech. were contracted to provide a high capacity, industrial waste paper recycling system for a customer in Guangxi Province, China. The project came to fruition earlier this month and aims to deal with various waste streams generated during the production process in the recycled paper industry.

The system homogenizes the incoming materials using Genox’s advanced shredding technology which improves the efficiency of the customers recycling operation, whilst rigorously controlling dust emissions in accordance with legislative requirements, preventing secondary pollution

Medium-speed Paper Shredding System

Medium-speed papper shredding system
Paper and cardboard waste recycling
Shredding System and Storage Silo for Shredded Product

Unlike traditional shredding solutions which can present serious dust and noise pollution, Genox's medium speed papper shredding system, developed in house and incorporating an automatic PLC controlled force-feeding ram system, can effectively cut solid rolls with diameters up to 1000mm and weighing up to 200kgs into a uniform sized shreds in a single pass which are ideal for recycling.

The system can handle all types of paper, cardboard and paper industry waste.

Success of Waste Paper Recycling Solutions

Paper and cardboard waste
Genox Paper and Cardboard Shredding System
Waste Paper Feed Stock and De-Dusting System

Following the success of this project and great co-operation between Genox and the customer, they now intend to implement these waste paper recycling solutions at a number of their plants worldwide.
Genox will continue to provide the recycling equipment and technical support for these new and existing projects.