Car Body Shell & Light Metal Scrap Recycling System


  • Car body shells
  • Light metal scraps (brass shell, steel recycling)
  • Waste from paper industry (ragger tails)
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  • The system is designed for car body shell or light gauge scrap processing.
  • Minimizing machinery investment and operation cost.
  • Heavy duty, hinge belt conveyor is suitable for high loading and materials impact whilst being sealed to prevent leakage of material.
  • The high torque Pre-Shredder is equipped with large diameter splined shafts, high strength shredding discs, and oversized gearboxes to ensure system performance and reliability.
  • The Vertical Shredding System removes contamination on the surface of the steel (paint etc.) and compresses the scraps into nuggets.
  • The bulk density of the product is maximized and EAF efficiency is greatly increased.
  • Separation of the light fraction and fines is controlled by a central Reverse Jet Filtration System.
  • Water spray & misting systems are installed on key components to maintain processing temperatures at safe levels and to protect against fire.
  • System automation ensures that components actions are linked, the system capacity is maximized, and the system is protected against interfering material in the best way.