Lithium-ion Battery Recycling System


  • EV Battery Cell or Small Module(NMC or LFP Type)
  • Mobile Phone Lithium-ion Battery
  • Notebook Computer Lithium-ion Battery
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LiBs Recycling Line mainly deals with lithium-ion batteries from different sources, including, End-of-Life vehicle cells and small modules, cell phone Li batteries and note book Li batteries ect. The design of plant include shredding, solvent drying, air separation and density separation for the purpose of retrieving valuable material like blackmass, copper and aluminum material. 

  • Shredding without energy-releasing to increase working efficiency.
  • Block valves are mounted on the discharge of the shredder to stop the backflow of the gas.
  • Solvent materials are dried and collected by heating process, plastic material and battery separator can be collected according to requirement.
  • Vibration separation and air separation are applied to remove heavy impurity material of the battery casing and release black mass for recovery.
  • Air and gravity separation for copper and aluminum in a dry environment.
  • Control System with oxygen control, temperature control, camera surveillance PLC and host computer to ensure the safety
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