HDPE Bottle/Container Washing System


  • Milk bottles
  • Liquid drums & containers
  • Wheelie bins
  • Pipes
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  • The HDPE washing line is designed for rigid plastics with a wall thickness ranging from 1~25 mm such as HDPE bottle container, etc.
  • Minimizing the recycling water flow rate and evaporation losses.
  • The shredding system is with wear-resistant design to maximize the consistent running of the system and minimize operational costs.
  • High-speed washing system with corresponding speed according to material type liberates contamination from plastic flakes.
  • The underwater force-washing paddle of the washing tank maximize the washing efficiency.
  • Mechanical and thermal drying systems minimize the moisture of the end product.
  • Shredding, high-speed washing and drying is set at suitable intensity to avoid over friction and cause material loss (fines creation).
  • System automation ensures that components actions are linked, the system capacity is maximized, and the system is protected against interfering material in the best way.