Lithium-ion Battery crusher



The lithium-ion battery crusher manufactured by Genox is specifically designed to crush lithium-ion batteries into small pieces. This crushing process can more easily extract valuable materials from batteries, such as cobalt, nickel, and lithium. By feeding the batteries into a crushing chamber, where they are cut into small pieces by high-speed rotating blades. Then, sort the pieces through magnetic separation and foam flotation.

Advantages of Lithium-Ion Battery Crusher

The lithium-ion battery crusher offers several advantages over traditional recycling methods:

  1. The crusher can process a large volume of batteries in a short amount of time, making it more efficient than manual disassembly.
  2. The shredding process makes it easier to separate the different components of the battery, such as the cathode and anode, which can be reused to make new batteries.
  3. The crusher offers a safe and environmentally friendly way to recycle lithium-ion batteries, reducing the risk of mishandling and minimizing the release of toxic substances.

Sample Material

Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery

Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery

EV Battery Cell

EV Battery Cell

EV Battery Cell

EV Battery Cell

Shredders for Lithium-ion Battery crusher

GMC Series

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55~75 kw

GC Series

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15~45 kw

GXC Series

Heavy Duty Granulators
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55~315 kw