Refrigerator/Fridge Recycling Line System


  • VOC refrigerators/fridges
  • CFC refrigerators/fridges
  • Pentane refrigerators/fridges
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  • The pre-shredding machine of refrigerator/fridge recycling line system with force-feeding ram is designed for handling bulky items.
  • Vertical shredder system effectively liberates different material types and densifies the metals into compressed nuggets - enabling effective separations and optimizing metals sales price.
  • High intensity, bottom-fed Drum Magnet System separates steel nuggets from non-ferrous materials with minimum contamination.
  • Eddy Current Separator is installed for non-ferrous metal separation. For non-ferrous ~0.5 mm we offer our Super Fines Eddy Current system as an option.
  • The Air Classifier System further separates plastics from foam to achieve maximum materials recovery.
  • A central Reverse Jet Filtration System extracts dust from the entire system.
  • Water spray & misting systems are installed on key components to maintain processing temperatures at safe levels and to protect against fire.
  • System automation ensures that components' actions are linked, the system capacity is maximized, and the system is protected against interfering material in the best way.