Refrigerator/Fridge Recycling System


  • VOC refrigerators/fridges
  • CFC refrigerators/fridges
  • Pentane refrigerators/fridges
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  • The shredding equipment is integrated with a hydraulic pressing ram to improve the processing efficiency of waste refrigerators.
  • The Vertical shredder system further strips the material from the primary shredder and compacts the metal sheet, forming steel nuggets and thus increasing bulk density and improving sorting efficiency.and thus increasing bulk density and improving sorting efficiency.
  • The Drum Magnetic Separation System can realize the efficient separation of iron nuggets from non-ferrous materials.
  • The Eddy Current Sorting System efficiently separates the non-ferrous metals in the material and can be customized according to the customer. An Ultra-fine Eddy Current System can be selected as an optional device to be installed in the system.
  • The Air Classifier System is designed for light-matter separation. It effectively separates plastics and foam/sponges and increases the recycling rate of various materials.
  • A Central Reverse Jet Filtration System extracts dust from the entire system.
  • The system is equipped with a Water Spray & Misting System and flame detection technology to maintain processing temperatures at a safe level and to protect against fire.
  • PCL automatic control, intelligent control, and integration of individual machines of the system, so that the production capacity of each production stage matches each other, maximizes efficiency, reduces human error, and ensures safe production.
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