The Right Fridge Shredder for Highest ROI : All You Need to Know about Refrigerator Recycling

The fridge shredder is a new way of handling large household appliances. Since the global focus on environmental concerns, municipalities, business and home owners have all been faced with the challenge of finding an environmentally friendly waste disposal solution for waste refrigerators, freezers and similar large appliances. Choosing the right Fridge Shredder is essential for maximum ROI (return on investment) to your Refrigerator Recycling Business. We'll go over what you need to know before making your Refrigerator Recycling System purchase, including :

  • How Does a Large Industrial Shredder Work for Recycling Refrigerators ?
  • What Are The Advantages to Recycle Fridges ?
  • 3 Tips for Selecting Your Large Industrial Fridge Shredder

How Does a Refrigerator Shredder Work ?

A Large Industrial Refrigerator Shredder is a machine to shred refrigerators and other large metal appliances. It consists of an infeed area where the appliance enters, a cutting blade that slices through it, and an output conveyor belt that carries away the pieces.The Two Shaft Shredder is used as a primary crushers, while the Vertical Shredder is used as an secondary shredding as they allow size control.

The process begins with a forced feeding ram designed for handling bulk or refrigerators. A vertical shredder system liberates different material types and desifies the metal into compressed nuggets. And a drum magnet system separates steel nuggets from non-ferrous materials. Following an eddy current separator for non-ferrous metal separation. There is also an air classifier system further separating plastics from foam. A central reverse jet filtration system then extracts dust from the entire system.

The Advantages to Recycle Fridges

Recycling fridges can greatly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. It is also a way to reduce carbon footprint by recycling VOC/CFC/pentane gasses contained in old refrigerators. The process allows for the following materials to be recovered :

  • Iron/Ferrous (>99%)
  • Non-ferrous metals (97%)
  • Plastics (>95%)
  • Polyurethane (<3.5%)

3 Must-Know Tips to Select Right Industrial Shredder for Recycling Fridges

How to choose an industrial shredder for recycling fridges ? There are many factors that you need to consider before investing a large amount of money in this kind of system. The choice can be difficult, especially because you have to bear in mind the cost of owning and operating one. You cannot simply make this decision without any prior knowledge, which is why we came up with a list of 3 tips that you should consider before making your final decision.

  1. Cost Evaluation

    Cost consists of equipment and maintenance. The cost of the shredder is directly related to the power of the shredders and the length of the lifetime. Therefore, you need to know what kinds of fridges are fed into the shredder, how much daily processing capacity is required, and then you choose a suitable shredder according to these data.

    The equipment cost is a one-time investment. The average cost of one fridge recycling system is around US$800,000 ~ $ 900,000. And the maintenance cost is an ongoing cost. Be sure to evaluate the overall costs together before purchasing.

  2. Capacity Evaluation

    In order to adapt to your market demand, it is necessary to find out the daily processing capacity required by your local market, and then consider what type of equipment can be used to meet the needs. You need to know that different types of fridge shredders have different models, different lengths and widths of blades, and different numbers of blades. This affects the output per unit time and the thickness of the cut material.

    A good large industrial fridge shredder will have a high-quality cutting chamber that can handle the volume of material you want to shred. The capacity may be limited by the cutting chamber size. Check the capacity rating carefully before purchasing the machine and allow for some excess capacity. Using a shredder with a maximum capacity too close to the desired capacity can lead to a shortened service life. However, oversizing a shredder by a wide margin can lead to excessive power use and take up too much floor space.

  3. Evaluation of Key Components Replacement Rates

    The service life of the cutting units such as blades is determined by the whole system capacity. At Genox, you will get a guaranteed low replacement rate because of the high quality of the shredders. For the first shredding part - Twin Shaft Shredder, one set blade can be used for shredding 150000 units of refrigerators; for the secondary shredding part - Vertical Shredder, one set blade can be used for 100000 units of refrigerators. Choosing a fridge shredder with great quality will bring a low replacement rate of key components, that saves your overall costs.

What Are The Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a Fridge Shredder?

  • Detachable blade design

    The twin-shaft shredder adopts a detachable blade design, which is more durable and easier for maintenance.

  • Hydraulic opening/closing casing

    The vertical shredder casing adopts a hydraulic opening and closing device, which is easy to open and close, a great design for future maintenance.

  • Dust collectors are equipped with activity detectors

    The dust removal system adds an activated carbon adsorption system, which can adsorb the residual alkane gas in the refrigerator and meet the emission standards.

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If you want to save tons of money, with a minimal initial investment, be sure to consult an experienced manufacturer of large industrial shredders before purchasing. This will help you take whatever scrap metal or scrap fridge you have and turn them into an entirely new source of income. If you have any further questions about fridge shredders, please get in touch with our team today and we will be pleased to assist you. If you want to know more about these and our other products, please check the link below. Refrigerator / Fridge Recycling Line System or Shredder and Ganulator ComboPlastic Pipe Shredder and Recycling Machine.

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