W Series - Twin Shaft Shredder

W Series

Typical Applications Include:

  • PE Film(98%)

  • Paper

  • Cables

  • Woven Bags

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W series twin shaft shredder is a widely used in medium, low speed high torque of crushing equipment. With the unique design of rotor and cut chamber, the rotor knives and the counter knives cut materials perfectly so that it can not only cut materials evenly but also reduce the dust of the raw materials reasonable. It can reduce the wear of knives and screen. Rotor shaft surface can be build-up welding wear-resisting layer, making the shredder more suitable for the easily wearing material to have the most abrasion performance and better usage rate.




  • Two rotors knives shredder design, generating tearing and shredding effect.
  • V-cutting rotor design—with staggered cutter positioning.
  • Heat treated rotor knives—Special DC53 steel (hardened) four edges use before replacement.
  • Long life, adjustable fixed blades — Cutter clearance can be maintained.
  • Wear Resistant – Tungsten surface coating for abrasive applications)


  • W1000~W1200
    Model W1000 W1200
    Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 3500 x 1550 x 2560 4365 x 2150 x 3000
    Hopper Opening (L x H) (mm) 1660 X 1535 1850 X 1740
    Discharge Height (mm) 1150 1150
    Rotation Diameter (mm) Φ386 Φ471
    Rotation Speed (RPM) 83 82
    Screen Size (mm) 60 60
    Number of Rotor 114 138
    Number of Counter Knives 4 6
    Main Drive (kW) 110 180
    Weight(kg) 5950 12500


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Twin Shaft Shredder

X / M / W Series Twin Shaft Shredder