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Publication date: 2018-06-19 ISSUE: 001

Genox Hazardous Waste Recycling System: Chemical Packaging (Woven Bags) Washing & Pelletizing

Hazardous waste is a key issue when considering global environmental problems. Depending on the type of waste it can easily penetrate and spread causing harm to both the environment and the health of people and animals. For this reason, hazardous waste can seriously affect the sustainable development of society.
Local governments have over the years introduced various policies regarding the handling and disposal of hazardous waste and will often provide subsidies for hazardous waste disposal projects.

“Can the hazardous waste disposal projects be economically viable without subsidies and therefore attract investment? “

Chemical Packaging Woven Bag Waste Recycling System

Through continuous development and close collaboration with our customer, Genox has proven that such a project can stand on its own merits with the recent installation of a chemical packaging (woven bags) processing plant in Southern Jiangsu Province.
The Genox process features the following:

Through Genox’s unique process, the contaminated woven bags are converted into high quality plastic pellets that can be directly sold as raw materials to realize their true value.

Advantages of Woven Bag Waste Recycling System

  • Reduced Manpower:Opening, pre-treatment and manual sorting of the baled incoming material is not necessary. The whole bales can automatically be fed directly into the system. Contaminants are automatically removed during the multiple cleaning and separation stages of the system.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs:The contamination level of the material entering the size reduction system is minimized by utilizing a multi-stage washing system thereby maximizing blade life. Areas of the system that are exposed to corrosive liquids and materials are manufactured from corrosion and/or wear resistant materials. High wear areas of the system are equipped with easily replaceable wear parts to maintain long-term stable operation under severe working conditions.
  • Energy Efficient Design:The size reduction and drying systems utilize low-power, high-torque technology, whilst the cleaning stages rely heavily on high speed, high inertia centrifuges and friction washers. The intelligent PLC control system automatically monitors and controls the material feed rate to maximize the system productivity, and to reduce current fluctuations and energy consumption.
  • Safe Production:Improper treatment of such hazardous materials create serious secondary pollution. The Genox system collects and contains harmful substances in a specialized central water treatment system where they can be neutralized.

Woven Bag Waste Recycling into Plastic Pellets

Chemical Packaging and Woven Bag Waste Recycling Plastic Pellets
The pellets produced by this system have been marketed for sale to both local and international buyers who have approved of the product quality which proves that this proven Genox technology has broad market prospects.

Our dedicated technical development team will continue to focus on various hazardous waste applications to provide safer, more economical and efficient solutions for the disposal of such specialized and potentially harmful materials.