Genox’s Recycling Equipment Recognized by the Customers in Poland

P&F Wartacz, founded in 1990, is one of the top professional plastic processing machinery and equipment suppliers in Poland. It has been selling plastic processing equipment such as injection molding machines, grinders, and shredder for over 20 years , with a trade network covering 17 countries in Europe and Asia.

Recycling machines and solutions have always been one of the P&F Wartacz's main businesses, and the equipment are mainly manufactured by Genox. P&F Wartacz is Genox's solid business partner in Poland, and the two parties have been cooperating for over 10 years. In the  showroom of P&F Wartacz, there are multiple Genox's recycling equipment, including V/BH/K series Single Shaft Shredder, W/M/X series Twin Shaft Shredder, GC/GXC series Granulator and YS series Pre-shredder. Various material such as plastic, rubber, paper, wood, tire, and lithium battery can be efficiently processed by Genox Recycling. Material testing are provided to customers at any time to prove the true performance of the equipment in the plant.

In the past decade, the efficiency of Poland's recycling industry has been greatly improved through the application of recycling machines. The environment becomes better and solid wastes have been effectively recycled. There are over 100 customers who have purchased Genox recycling equipment through P&F Wartacz, and the number is growing every year. Genox's recycling equipment and solutions have been fully recognized by customers in Poland.

P&F Wartacz’s team have visited the Genox plant multiple times for investigation and learning advanced recycling technologies, aim to provide customers with better service.