J Series - Pipe Shredder

J Series

Typical Applications Include:

  • Pipe – Large Diameter Thick Walled Pipes, Corrugated Pipes etc.
  • Bins & Containers – Wheelie Bins, Crates etc.
  • Rolled Materials – Carpets, Artificial Grass, Industrial Reels etc.
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J Series Pipe Shredders are the ideal size reduction solution for large diameter pipe and rolled feed stocks. The multi-rotor design maximizes the cutting efficiency and reduces current turbulence. J Series Shredders are also suitable for thin walled pipe shredding.




  • Multi-rotor design - the number of rotors can be specified according to the material size
  • High shear cutting between rotor and counter knives, suitable for thin wall pipe shredding
  • Shock Absorbing Gearboxes reduces Stress on Drive Components
  • Long Life Counter Knives can be adjusted to maintain cutter clearance
  • Segmented loading chamber floor with Brass Guides
  • High strength hydraulic cylinder with reinforced support frame, adjustable ram speed
  • Large feed with hydraulic tipper for optimized material loading
  • Feed chamber auto-lock system to ensure safety
  • Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel with Siemens PLC Control System
  • Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards


  • J800~J1200
    Model J800 J1200
    Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 7200 x 2340 x 1930 12400 × 4270 × 3130
    Discharge Height (mm) 500 500
    Rotor Operation Length (mm) 890 1290
    Number of Rotors (pcs) 2 4
    Rotation Speed (RPM) 80 80
    Pipe Max Diamater (mm) 800 1200
    Screen Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60
    Number of Rotor Knives 60 150
    Number of Counter Knives 2 3
    Main Drive (kW) 45+30 45+3x30
    Hydraulic Power Pack (kW) 11 18.5
    Weight (kg) Approx 15000 Approx 24500